To world Azerbaijanis

 Dear fellow countrymen!

 Dear compatriots!

 My warm greeting to you on the eve of 31 December – the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis which instills in us such noble feelings as commitment to the motherland, attachment to our homeland and national-spiritual values. I convey my heartfelt wishes to each one of you.

 National Leader Heydar Aliyev, who attached great importance to ensuring that all our people are closely rallied around the ideology of Azerbaijanism and turn into an organized force, made some historic decisions in this area, took important measures to protect the rights of our compatriots living abroad and contributed to the creation of a wide Diaspora. As a result of our focused policies, our Diaspora organizations today are contributing to the promotion of Azerbaijani realities, protection of our national interests in the countries in which they operate and deepening of mutually beneficial relations of our country with other states.

 Despite the ongoing global financial and economic crisis, the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is our common homeland, managed to maintain the pace of social and economic growth in 2015 by consistently implementing state programs and infrastructure projects covering different areas. Our country plays an important part in the implementation of the ambitious transnational energy transportation projects linking Europe with Asia and North with South. The implementation of our plans in the field of transportation of our ample gas resources to world markets, including the TANAP project the foundation of which was laid at the beginning of this year, will enhance the role of Azerbaijan in the international arena as a reliable energy supplier, open up new prospects for a further development of the country and the well-being of our people.

 This year Azerbaijan hosted a major sporting event - the first European Games. The event brought together athletes from 50 countries of the continent and was organized at a high level. The international community was profoundly impressed by the potential of our state, our centuries-long history and culture, as well as the traditions of tolerance and hospitality of our people.

 Despite the growing trend of military and political conflicts and unrest in the world in recent years, the public and political stability in Azerbaijan, the atmosphere of confidence between the government and the people has further enhanced. The democratic and transparent parliamentary election held in November was yet another clear manifestation of the optimistic mood in our society and popular approval of our policies.

 I regret to note that the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which has yet to be resolved due to the aggressive policy and unconstructive position of Armenia, continues to be a fateful problem of concern to all of us. Today, the Republic of Azerbaijan has a powerful economy and a strong army capable of liberating our lands from the occupiers at any moment. However, in order to prevent a recurrence of bloodshed and avoid an exacerbation of tensions in the region, we are committed to a peaceful and fair resolution of the conflict within the framework of international law. I believe that we must continue to consolidate our efforts, carry out consistent and focused work for the liberation of our occupied territories. Our Diaspora organizations also face important tasks in this area. Contributing to the protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan through solidarity and collective effort should be our main goal.

 I cordially congratulate you on the Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis and wish you happiness, prosperity and success.

 Ilham Aliyev

 President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

 Baku, 24 December 2015

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