Latvia considers Azerbaijan as an important partner in the South Caucasus.

During the meeting between the Azerbaijani ambassador Javanshir Akhundov and the Minister of Communications Uldis Auqulis the issues of the meeting on the intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation scheduled for the next week were discussed. 

The Minister U. Auqulis congratulated Ambassador with the new appointment and expressed satisfaction with the bilateral relation betweenAzerbaijanandLatvia, as well as the level of relation in the field of transport. He also noted thatLatviaseesAzerbaijanas an important partner in theSouth Caucasus. 

Expressing gratitude for warm reception, Ambassador C. Akhundov spoke of the potential ofAzerbaijanin the field of transport, about  the “North-South” International Transport Corridor and the Astara cargo terminal. He emphasized that the preliminary agreement was reached on the establishment of theCoordinatingCenterof the “North-South” International Transport Corridor. 

The Minister U. Auqulis spoke about “Zubr” Transport Corridor and about the possibilities of joining theSilk Roadthrough this project. The Minister stressed thatLatvia’s transport infrastructure – ports, railways have a great opportunity to increase exports fromAzerbaijanto European Union.Latviais interested in the production of Azerbaijani goods. U. Auqulis said thatportofLatviais able to export goods processing inAzerbaijanlike oil and oil products, metal, machinery, chemical products, fruits and vegetables, tea and other agriculture products. 

Ambassador J.Akhundov emphasized that Latvia can gain access to their products to new markets including Iran, Turkey and Pakistan via Azerbaijan. 

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