Victims of January tragedy were commemorated in Riga

On January, 19, the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Latvia gave a tribute to the victims of the 20th January tragedy. Among the participants of a round-table discussion on “January, 20th: tragedy in Baku” topic were the Saeima representatives: Roman Naudinsh, Alexander Kirshtein, Karlis Kreslinsh; veterans of Latvian community for independence of Latvia: Alexander Mirlin and Vladimir Steshenko; director of the Academic library of the University of Latvia Venta Kocere; international-affair journalist Vladimir Reshetov; members of the Azerbaijan diaspora Roman Aliyev, Ulduzkhan Akhmedov, and Rafiq Seifullayev.

The ceremony began with a moment of silence to honor the victims of the tragedy that continued by viewing a documentary movie “January, 20, 1990. Mass Slaughter of Civilians in Baku”.

Mr Javanshir Akhundov, the ambassador of Azerbaijan Republic in Latvia, asserted that the day of January, 20, 1990, had become an important event in the history of struggle for independence and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The ambassador noted that heroism of martyrs’(shehids), who laid down their lives for independence of our Motherland, strengthened political will of our nation. Liberation movement that commenced for the sake of achieving our country’s sovereignty had led to Azerbaijan independence. It was brought to attention that for the first time politically-legal assessment of these tragic events was made by national leader Heidar Aliyev.

Speakers gave a legal evaluation of the tragic events in Baku, and also it was noted that these events in Baku had prevented more bloody events in Latvia that had taken a place on January, 20, but yet in 1991. Director of Azerbaijan Cultural Center “Odzhag’ Roman Aliyev marked in his speech, that 20th of January is the date that will stay in a memory of every Azerbaijan resident. A monstrous crime, committed under instructions of USSR’s management, murder of citizens could not break the will of Azerbaijan people in achieving the independence, on the contrary, citizens became more united towards it. President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev who strongly pursues a political course of the great leader, shows a profound respect in the memory of those who led their lives for freedom and sovereignty of our country. 

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