FACT SHEET on Civilian casualties and damage inflicted upon civilian infrastructure as a result of Armenia’s act of aggression against Azerbaijan

(as of 14 October 2020, 17:00 Baku time)


Since September 27, 2020 the Armed Forces of Armenia have been indiscriminately targeting the civilian population, private houses and other civilian infrastructure along the line of contact and in the regions located far away from the conflict zone in a gross violation of its obligations under international humanitarian law, including the 1949 Geneva Conventions and its Additional Protocols.


Moreover, despite the humanitarian ceasefire agreed during the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Armenia in Moscow with the mediation of the Russian Federation, the Armed Forces of Armenia continues to attack the residential areas and civilian infrastructure.

On October 14th, from early in the morning Tartar, Aghdam and Aghjabadi districts were subjected to rocket attacks and heavy artillery bombardment from various directions. At 9 am, Akhundov Adavat Zahid, born in 1969, resident of Narli settlement, Tartar district, was killed by shrapnel hitting the yard of his house. The house was severely damaged.

At about 10 am, a shell falling on the yard of a rural secondary school in the territory of Tartar district resulted in hospitalization with various wounds of Zeynalov Ramiz (1971), representative of Tartar District Authority for Duyarli village, Ahmadov Kamran (1966), representative of Asgarli village, also villagers: Aliyev Matlab (1965), Ahmadov Khayyam (1987), Ibrahimov Ilgar (1965), Aghazade Firdovsi (1996) and Suleymanov Agha (1960) were hospitalized with varying degrees of injuries.


Today at about 12 o’clock Soltanov Saleh (1964) was hospitalized with various injuries as a result of a shell hitting a private house in Chamanli village, Aghdam district. His house was extensively damaged.


Today at the frontline zone Azerbaijan State Television and Radio Broadcasting CJSC (AZTV) service vehicle was shot by Armenian armed forces, an employee of the TV channel Gambarov Namig was hospitalized with various injuries.


As of 14 October, totally 43 civilians, including children and elderly were killed, 214 civilians have been hospitalized with serious injuries. 1505 private houses, 66 apartment buildings and 277 civilian infrastructures were damaged and became unserviceable as a result of Armenia’s indiscriminate armed attacks. 


 Below are evidences from the scene.

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